Blackpool exhibition, 1985

For a seven-year-old fan who’s world evolved around Doctor Who, the original Blackpool exhibition was a sight to behold. The sounds, smells, colours – everything – made up a Doctor Who haven, hidden away beneath the arcades on Blackpool's Golden Mile. From my own memories and handful of photographs (as seen below) and the help of a few fellow fans, this plan is an attempt to map out everything that was on display in 1985, shortly before the exhibition's closure.

Though relatively complete, I don't doubt that there still may be room for improvement, so if you have any information or photographs of the exhibition at this time, please drop me a line.

Original Doctor WHo exhibition, Blackpool

For my own photographs taken during that 1985 visit, please see here.

For a selection of photographs taken at the exhibition in 1977, go here.