Steve Cambden K9In 1979, sixteen year-old Doctor Who fan Steve Cambden’s dreams of working on Doctor Who came true. Steve would become K9’s assistant operator, and thus a lifelong bond with a robot dog and cult science-fiction show was born.

Steve’s involvement with Doctor Who led to a career as a stage technician for film and theatre. He is a regular guest at conventions and universities.

Steve documented his special time working on Doctor Who in two excellent books that no fan should be without – The Doctor’s Affect, and The Doctor’s Effects. As well as his detailed, personal account, each book contains dozens of previously unseen photograph’s from Steve’s private collection, as well as effects design sketches of props and costumes from the series.

NEW! Photos of the original Blackpool exhibition from Steve's private collection have now been added to the site!

Ordering your copies
Both books (paperback only) can be purchased online (by PayPal) via the link below: